February 1, 2021

Why I Give: A Client Shows Gratitude

Two years ago, Amy* was considering abortion. Now that she has a beautiful baby boy, she wanted to gave back.

It is a little odd to get donations from a different state, so our development team reached out to this donor to find out how she heard about our clinic. That uncovered an amazing story that started in our clinic 2 years ago when Amy* came in seeking an abortion at age 18.

She was quiet at first in the counseling room with her TWC advocate, but tears came as she explained how she was led into a deceitful relationship with a married man. The baby’s father wanted her to get an abortion, and she feared shaming her Catholic family. One of our physicians was available in the office that day to talk to her and explain away some of the medical misinformation the baby’s father had conjured.

Amy returned two more times, still unsure about what to do with her pregnancy. Our staff had many encouraging conversations and let her know God was with her. She started taking steps to find a doctor, quit her job, and possibly move to another state with her mother. Staff continued to call and email Amy, but soon stopped getting a response and never knew the outcome.

Two years later, her financial donation arrived in our mail.

“I have an amazing baby now, and am grateful for all of your help that got me through my hardship,” she wrote in an email to TWC. “This is just a way for me to say thank you. Please keep up your meaningful work.”

What prompts YOUR generosity?

We’d love to hear your story next time you make your donation at Vinekeepers.org/donate.

*Name changed to protect privacy