Our Story

As Vinekeepers, YOU are the life-force behind our efforts to address our generation’s most devastating social issue: abortion.

Our cutting-edge solutions: Our life-affirming work includes outreach to women and their partners experiencing unplanned pregnancy. We operate four pregnancy clinics in Dallas County with professional medical care, provide mentoring, host education programs in local schools, and more. All programs are provided at NO COST to the client.

Our Name: YOU are our Vinekeepers: the donors, volunteers, churches, and partners who support us. We experience vitality only when we keep hold of Jesus, the true Vine. (John 15) YOU are the keepers of the Vine that ground us in Christ and nourish our ministry. Only with your help, our pro-life programs can bear fruit and cultivate LIFE in Dallas County for babies, families, and community.

Our Origin: Our first pregnancy center launched in 1983 as the only pro-life option in Dallas. Our first clinic was called Save-A-Life Dallas and later became the Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center. Now, under our new name, FOUR donor-supported clinics across Dallas County empower women and their partners to choose life.

Our Approach: Babies>Families>Communities. Our clinic counselors and medical teams celebrate when a mother chooses life for her baby in our clinic, but our services have evolved into a holistic program to ensure these children are born into strong families and into a community that understands life begins at conception.

Our hope: We want our clients to hear compassion, not judgment; experience dignity and empowerment, not despair; and choose LIFE for their babies and LIFE in Christ for themselves. We know they need hope through the Gospel AND practical help. We offer this through high-quality medical care and personal relationships built over time, fostered through mentoring and family celebrations.

Our Operations: Our staff of about 30 relies heavily on a front-lines force of about 100 volunteers who meet with clients, perform office duties, plan fundraising events, and more. Our annual budget of $2.1 million is funded completely by individuals, foundations, churches, and business.

Our Mission

To extend Christ-like love in a compassionate and responsive manner that values the family and empowers women and their partners to choose life.

Our Vision

To live in a community where taking the life of the unborn is unthinkable.

Our Board

Staff Image 1

Cindy Pardue


Staff Image 2

Clare Smitham

Staff Image 3

James Cole

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Kim Meiser

Staff Image 2

Elizabeth Viney

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Richard Kerry

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Lexie Graben

Staff Image 3

Peter C. Hajek


Executive Staff

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Dr. Steve Harris

Medical Director

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Lisa Freeman

Executive Director

Staff Image 3

Mary Craft, RN

Director of Clinical Services

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Kontessa Kiel

Director of Client Services

Staff Image 2

Arri Evans

Men’s Ministry Coordinator

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Vicki Keifer

Director of Stewardship

Nonprofit Status

Vinekeepers support our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, registered under the name Dallas Life, Inc. We are committed to being transparent with the community and our supporters.