Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

January 23, 2022

A day set apart to defend the LIFE God created!

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is an annual event held in churches nationwide around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in the United States. It’s an opportunity for YOU to share your heart with your faith community so they may join you in answering God’s call to protect LIFE.

What should I do?

✔ Pray for God to use you to speak up for lives to be saved. We will be praying, too.

✔ Talk to your pastor or small group leader.

    • Will he or she play a role?
    • What kind of presentation elements are appropriate (see below)
    • What kind of time will you have?
    • Be prepared to show him or her this video or this PDF about Vinekeepers.

✔ Plan your presentation. Choose elements that will work with your audience.

Launch a conversation (new) – We provide a 30-50 minute discussion guide that can be used by Sunday school classes and small groups to discuss life issues.

Oh Know! (new) – Our R.N. staff delivers an interactive fetal development presentation to your youth group.

Baby bottle drive – We provide bottles for people to fill with funds for our ministry. We count it and let you know your church’s impact.

Invite a client speaker – We have several beautifully articulate former clients ready to share a short testimony of God’s redemption (3-30 minutes).

Invite a ministry representative – Thrive staff or volunteers can share an update in church or a Sunday school class (5-50 minutes).

Host a table at your church or event – We will provide all the display materials.

Use our videos – Share these professional videos that tell stories of lives saved.

Click here to see examples of how other churches have done it, from big celebrations to small group settings.

Vinekeepers – What We Do
Client Testimonies
The Gospel and Abortion
Image of God

Let us know your plans. We are ready to help!

Contact Vicki for more information.