Our baby graduates

...and he's headed to college at age 14! His mom tells how you've helped along the way.

In many ways, Noah Law is a typical 14-year-old.

He loves reading books, computer animation, cooking, and his four little siblings. But in other ways, he is remarkable. This summer, he saved up enough money to buy his own computer with a special graphics card. How? He posted on the NextDoor neighborhood app offering his “pooper scooper” services.

“He did that in the heat all summer,” said his mother, Linda Law. “He’s humble that way.”

That’s the same work ethic that has led to extraordinary academic success. His family moved to McKinney last year, but he was determined to
finish his fast track to graduation and got up every morning at 5:15 a.m. to ride the bus to his high school in Dallas. His hard work paid off this spring when he graduated high school at age 14. He is now enrolled in his first semester at Collin College.

Linda says her early visits to Thrive Women’s Clinic played a role in his
drive and strong sense of self-worth.

“You really provided him with everything he needed for a good
start in life,” she said.

She came to our East Dallas clinic 15 years ago when she was unexpectedly pregnant with Noah. Thanks to Thrive supporters, she was blessed with free child-birthing classes, parenting classes, a crib, a full bedding set, and “spiritual encouragement I really needed at that time and place in my life,” she said. Years later, she came back to donate baby items to the
clinic she loves.

“We’re better because of Thrive,” she said. “You guys have been with us through good times and bad. This is one of those situations where you can see where you’ve impacted someone’s life.”

Over the years, Linda has brought her children to Thrive’s annual family events at Christmas and Mother’s Day.

“An event like that lets a child know that people care,” she said. “It has made all of my children feel valued. It is accountability for them when someone says: We want you to succeed and make good choices.”

She says Noah wouldn’t have gotten into college without his own hard work, but she makes sure he knows: “It wouldn’t have happened without places like Thrive that have helped me be a better parent.

Congratulations! We did it!”