January 31, 2022

Volunteers of the Year

We count on these heroes.

Danette Corder brings her creative flair to every event through graphic design and floral decor.

Volunteers of the Year

Thrive Women’s Clinic could not operate without the help of about 75 volunteers on the frontlines of LIFE. These dedicated servants consistently fight for the unborn by wielding the invaluable weapons of their precious time and unique talents.

Are you interested in volunteering? Read about our ongoing volunteer needs:

Advocate Mary Grimes left mentors first-time moms like this one.
Mie Mie Sohn-McGowan, ObGyn, sees clients with specific medical concerns. She recently moved after serving Thrive for years.
Rick Summey provides technical support for OhKnow Education presentations with his wife, Thrive Nurse Vivian Summey.