Twins have Arrived!

And we're putting them to work!

Thrive Women’s Clinic is celebrating the arrival of two new sonogram machines displaying LIFE more vibrantly than ever.

Last year, Thrive staff realized images were not coming through clearly of the sonogram machine at our East Dallas location. That prompted a rigorous, six-month application process for a grant from Focus on the Family, which is required for a 20 perfect matching contribution.

“God went beyond our expectations,” said Mary Jayne Fogerty, Thrive’s Executive Director. “The McCamey family provided the match and Focus on the Family approved TWO sonogram machines for us!”

The new sonogram machines, placed at the Central and East Dallas Clinics, feature better imaging and wireless capabilities that can transmit photos to clients and doctors instantly.

“There is no other tool more powerful in deterring abortion than sonogram technology. Why? It allows a mother to meet her baby for the first time,” Fogerty said. Every day, when clients see their babies in their wombs, hearts are changed.”

With funding provided for that equipment, YOUR dollars can now stretch to our frontlines, equipping our staff, advocates, and programs that speak directly into the hearts of women in Dallas County considering abortion today.

Watch our Clinic Services Director Meredith Hall give you a demonstration.

The sonogram moment: Clients share how sonograms made the difference

Alison: They asked me to do a sonogram and at first I didn’t want to because I was scared. But I did it. Twins! It changed everything. At 8 weeks, I chose life. My babies are the biggest blessing in my life.

Alysha: I was looking for abortion clinics and ended up at Thrive and had a sonogram. I saw his heart beat. At that moment, I was just like, well, I guess I’m going to be a parent. I was six weeks and four days when I chose life.

Kristal: I go in for the sonogram and see the baby. Wow, the baby’s bigger than I thought. The nurse explained the sonogram shows the baby had a condition, but she said she’s seen babies come out of this completely fine. I realized my child needs me, and that’s what got me to change my mind. Thrive connected us with all the specialists we needed, and Ashton is two years old and thriving now.