The Other Side of the Story

Every abortion story includes a father. YOU are inspiring him to step up.

In 2019, Souza and his dedicated team of male volunteers met with 115 male clients in a total of 166 total sessions–more men and sessions than ever before!

“Many men we counsel have never had a conversation with another man about the Gospel, biblical manhood, sexual integrity, marriage, and the like,” Souza said. “Many had an absent, abusive, or neglectful father and have never had positive male role models or peers. Many aspire to provide a better childhood for their children than their fathers and communicate a commitment to parenting.”

Although Thrive suspended in-person mentoring sessions due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Men’s team has led 57 virtual dad training and mentoring sessions since March. That includes a Virtual Guy’s Night with prizes, testimonies, and prayer.

Souza, a graduate of the University of Kansas and student at Dallas Theological Seminary, volunteered for two years with his wife at Thrive before he came on Over the past 5 years he became a father himself and has personally counseled 237 men. Each one heard the Gospel and a godly vision for fatherhood.

Souza said many men who come to Thrive have fallen prey to the lie of “my body, my choice” and thrust the decision completely on the baby’s mother. Others see only the “costs” associated with raising a child without considering the devastating effects of abortion and blessings of parenthood.
“We get to invest in the next generation of fathers and the generations to come,” Souza said. “What an amazing opportunity!”
What’s to come after the pandemic?

• Men’s Social Event at Top Golf to build community among new Thrive dads.
• The Man Cave opens at our East Dallas Clinic for counseling sessions. It includes a mini-fridge, sports décor, and a men’s library.

James (below): “I am learning how I should conduct myself as a father and as a man. Meeting with the Thrive Men has played a major role in my life—each session I leave with a more positive attitude, am more sensitive to my partner’s needs during pregnancy, and the things we talk about I’m putting into practice. Thrive is a place I can come to get advice and encouragement, regardless of what I’m going through.”