Get the men talking

Arri is engaging future fathers

Meet Arri Evans – Men’s Ministry Coordinator

A man has a voice in the life of his child. That’s why Arri Evans, our men’s ministry coordinator, works to engage the future fathers when they come in with their partners. He has a natural gift to disarm the hardest of hearts with his friendly smile and natural conversation skills. As men realize they have an ally at TWC, they open up, learn about their role, and gain the confidence they need to support their partners in pregnancy. He leads a team of male volunteer advocates who help men engage in parenting decisions and mentorships.

Let’s learn more about Arri!

Full name: Arri Evans

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

Wife: Mia

School: Dallas Baptist University Graduate School of Ministry (Current major: Education Ministry Leadership)

Church: UPPERROOM Dallas

Job experience: United States Air Force

Favorites: Chick-fil-A, Asian food, Kansas City Chiefs

Hobbies: Videography with my wife, going to the prayer room at church (This is filling every time!)

Salvation story: During high school, my older brother and I were invited to Young Life camp in Colorado. I heard the Gospel for the first time on a personal level. They gave us time to sit with Jesus. I was walking under the stars and the mighty wind was blowing me around, which felt like my life at that time. I told Jesus I surrendered my life to him. The wind stopped, and the Lord met me in the stillness.

Why TWC? Thrive is a ministry after God’s heart. I feel his love for life here, and I’m thankful I get to partner with those who need to feel His comfort, compassion and love for him. Every day I thank Him that I get to serve him in this way.

Why men? It is vital that men feel the love of God and God’s leadership in their lives. As leaders of their homes and families, they need to know that their voice really does impact the world around them and they are never alone. Psalm 128 mentions a fruitful vine and a family grown from a life with the Lord. I imagine these men following Christ, the true vine, and experiencing the legacy of a happy home that scripture promises.

Top ministry moments: I love the initial introduction when I meet a guy in the lobby as he waits for his partner to have her pregnancy test and sonogram. I get to meet him right where he is
and invite him to come talk so we can walk alongside him. In seeing that man’s reaction, sometimes just a smile, I can glimpse the restored hope developing inside him.