Thank-You Note

When Sung* first came into our Central Dallas Clinic, she feared her parents' reaction.

When Sung* first came into the Central Dallas Clinic, she felt conflicted. She knew she was pregnant, and she and her boyfriend Daniel had a wonderful relationship. But she grew up in a strict home that followed a different religion, and she knew that her parents would not approve of a child born before she was married.

At her appointment, Sung prayed with Thrive staffer Demetrius Davis, and after a sonogram, agreed to come back in a few weeks to continue the conversation and receive another sonogram. Sung promised that she and Daniel would continue to discuss parenting their baby.

When Sung arrived for her next appointment, she excitedly told Demetrius that she and Daniel were not only choosing to parent their baby, they also planned to marry the following week. Additionally, Sung said that she and Daniel shared the news with her parents. While they were initially disappointed, they gave the couple their blessing after Daniel told them that he wanted to marry her.

Sung and Daniel had a beautiful backyard wedding attended by their family and friends. One year later, we got this sweet letter from Sung. This letter is to YOU, too, for supporting our ministry that empowered Sung to choose life!